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About Logan for Logan, Utah and Area

When you want to know Logan, Utah

Overview of Logan, Utah, United States

Logan is a city situated along the Logan River in Utah's northern region. Logan is the main city of the Logan, UT-ID Metropolitan Statistical Area. This area includes Utah's Cache County and Idaho's Franklin County. The city is the county seat of Cache County in Utah, USA. In 1888, Utah State University was founded and today its main campus is located in the City of Logan. In 2005 and 2007, the Logan, UT-ID Metropolitan Statistical Area was declared the safest in the country.

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  • Population: 42,670
  • Population Density: 2,583.2/mi²
  • Area: 17.1/mi²
  • Latitude: 41.737878
  • Longitude: -111.830846
  • Weather: See Forecast
  • Elevation: 4,534 ft
  • Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time Zone
  • Language: English
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History of Logan, Utah

In 1859, Mormon settlers founded the City of Logan. The Logan Utah Temple was dedicated to the city in 1884. Four years later, the Utah State University was founded. Today, the university's main campus is located in the city. The City of Logan is also renowned for its production of cheese and various dairy products.

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Logan's Demographics

As of 2000, it was determined that the City of Logan held about 42,670 people, 13,902 households, and 9,175 families. The racial demographics of the city was 88.93% White, 0.64% African-American, 0.85% Native American, 3.60% Asian, 0.29% Pacific Islander, 4.08% from other races, and 1.61% from two or more races. 8.22% of the population was Hispanic or Latino of any race. The median income for a household then was $30,778, and the median income for a family was $33,784. The city's per capita income then was $13,765.

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Logan's Climate

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Education in Logan, Utah

Schools from Kindergarten to Grade 12 are under the leadership of the Logan School District and Cache County School District. There are 6 elementary schools (K-5), 1 middle school (6-8), and 1 high school (9-12) located in the city. The Cache County School District also has one charter high school and one alternative high school in the city. Utah State University has its main campus in the city. Other post secondary institutions in Logan include: Edith Bowen Laboratory School, Bridgerland Applied Technology College, and Brigham Young College.

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Transportation around Logan, Utah

The city is served by various public transportation services. The Cache Valley Transit District (CVTD) is the city's public bus system. On February 23, 2007 the CVTD incorporated the Logan Transit District (LTD). The CVTD commenced operations in 1992, with 6 routes throughout the city. Now the CVTD and LTD provide public transportation on 11 routes. The city is home to a corporate airport, Logan-Cache Airport. Also, the Salt Lake City International Airport is within driving distance from Logan.

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Tourism and Attractions of Logan

Logan is a city that provides tourists with several sites of attraction. A major site of attraction in Logan is the Celebration Centre. The latest rides of S&S Power are showcased at this centre. Tourists of Logan can also participate in activities such as: rock-climbing, hiking, camping, fishing, snowmobiling and skiing.

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Geography of Logan, Utah

The city has a total area of 17.0 square miles. Of this 16.5 square miles is land, while 0.5 square miles is water. The City of Logan is situated along the Logan River in the state of Utah's northern region. The city is located in between Cache Valley's eastern edge, Bear River Mountains' western slopes and Wasatch Range's northern branch.

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Logan's Government

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Logan's Economy and Industry

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Logan's Culture and Significant Events

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Sports in Logan, Utah

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Media of Logan

The City of Logan is served by several media outlets. The Herald Journal is the city's daily newspaper. It provides residents of Logan with current news & events, weather, sports, entertainment, etc. In 2005, the newspaper received the Utah Press Association's General Excellence award. The Valley Channel is the local television station serving residents of the city. There are also several radio stations broadcasting from Logan. These include: 610 AM KVNU (news and sports), 92.9 FM KBLQ (soft rock), 94.5 FM KVFX (top 40), 95.9 FM KLZX (classic rock), and 96.7 FM KKEX (country).

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